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Every day we live is: get up, breakfast, work, work, dinner, chat, drink tea, watch TV, go to bed. This one cannot do without the restaurant meals, the table of the exchange, all kinds of social communication, a lot of entertainment life is the main place for the heart restaurant.
Dining room furniture can be expressed in a single environment taste, status, give a person with a strong psychological hint, restaurant furniture design and layout more can create a different style, different style enjoyment.
Dining room furniture is people dining place essential supplies, in the restaurant decoration should pay special attention to the decoration style and the style of furniture. Layout to grasp the style of unity, the principle of supporting. Dining room furniture is generally composed of "table" dining "" "wine" composition, restaurant furniture table is usually divided into glass table, wood table and high-grade marble table. Dining room furniture according to the style can be divided into Chinese style, European style and modern, its essence and the price depends on the material, in the specifications, style, workmanship and its sales mode.
Dining room furniture is comfortable or not has a great relationship to our appetite, how convenient and efficient matching of dining-room furniture? Dining room furniture matching principle should also selected according to the size and decoration decoration style, color and space level, as far as possible with the overall environment consistent style, should not put all sorts of things together.
The best restaurant furniture purchase method is to first determine a good restaurant furniture style, in the decoration before the style, color, and then according to the dining room furniture to determine the renovation program. This is mainly because of our daily in the restaurant to buy furniture, often appear such problems: the amount of time spent shopping for many furniture store, buy restaurant furniture looked good, but the actual display to the scene and found the restaurant furniture style, color and decoration style, color and uncoordinated, or decoration the pattern does not match, the size is not too large or too small, how also not appropriate place, can only buy some cheap and decoration style does not match the furniture to join in combination, the overall feeling of home decorative display coordination.
But for an already completed the renovation of the room, how to choose the restaurant furniture? The best way is the decoration project of restoration, then according to the actual situation of the decoration of the reorder restaurant furniture. How do you feel trouble, you can go to Guangzhou cloud Hin restaurant furniture limited company, we have professional technical staff quickly help you recover the decoration with the situation, help you configured the furniture style is appropriate, we also have different styles of restaurant furniture product model for your reference, from the leather, cloth, metal materials and workmanship can touch, the choice of a good style, style, color also customized production. Make your purchase restaurant furniture easily put with style and decoration of restaurant furniture reach color coordinated unification. Points below first introduced several custom-made furniture purchase should pay attention to the restaurant:
1, the table style: the most commonly used is the square and round table, the table is also popular in recent years, the material can be selected according to the style, wood texture surface table, marble surface table, fire board table, tempered glass top table. The wood texture surface table spread Chinese antique flavor relatively popular, cost is relatively high. The marble table is easy to clean, stable and durable significant level, and now the market consumption are. Fire board table Market of large amount, high performance price ratio. Toughened glass table with a wide family pack.
2, dining chair style: 1), the natural texture of the wood dining chair, the place is full of natural and simple atmosphere, plus high quality leather and velvet finishes do more of the Zhang Xian chair of classical flavor. Suitable for restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, hotels and other places. 2), dining room furniture in the use of metal support frame to do the chair feet plus leather and velvet facing dining chair, embody the modern minimalist style, leisure and fashion. Applicable to the modern tea restaurant, leisure restaurant and sushi bars, restaurants and other places. 3), bentwood chair, modelling is simple and neat, clear and bright, suitable for fast food restaurants, cafes, McDonald's, KFC, milk tea shop and other catering premises. 4), the restaurant seat sofa, seat sofa is a now the most widely used in the food industry is the most popular, not only the model good, comfortable to sit in, belong to the joker. Can make skin and flannel finish, according to restaurant decoration style set the election match colors and styles, hundreds of arbitrary color collocation, well reflect the fashion style, but also elegant, luxurious, bright warm.
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