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Restaurant furniture industry enterprise cloud services to steer: so saying "ERP have a death wish, not on the ERP wait for death", it not only shows the implementation of information difficult, but also points out the strategic consequences of ignoring information, or not? Can really make the enterprise in a dilemma. In fact, on the one hand, the informationization development make a spurt of progress, but on the other hand, the economic situation is a sudden turn for the worse, how SMEs can contrarian development in adverse environments? The answer is obviously, is the small and medium-sized enterprise those high levels of information and application of e-commerce is good, they are more likely to achieve a smooth transition, resistance risk -- in response to the international financial crisis in the world, only the means of information can help small and medium enterprises and accurate understanding of market information, improve the industrial chain, to reduce the cost of operation, to improve the level of profitability.

The Ministry of information industry and SMEs Secretary Zheng Xin once said, the Ministry of industry to promote the small and medium-sized enterprise information as to promote an important content of "two" fusion. Through the service network construction, strengthen the professional services, to promote SMEs in particular application of informationization of small, micro enterprises, improve the small and medium-sized enterprise innovation ability, management level and market to develop ability, have made positive progress and significant results in the effective solution for small and medium enterprises survival and development highlights the difficulties. The small and medium-sized enterprise informationization to promote engineering has been gathered quality information service resources, carrier and platform for industry, service enterprises, opening and sharing, cooperation and win-win. So close? Engage electrical business will solve the ERP "in the past, we only realize the credit card payment function with POS machine, now through the POS network system, online Invoicing, sales management and customer management functions to achieve. I no longer need financial staff will have a variety of forms to me, to grasp the business situation.

I opened the computer even at home, and now, a variety of operating conditions also stick out a mile. Using this system, I also can be very detailed examination of the sales staff. And after data through, bank on my cash flow situation has mastered, so also does not use any mortgage loans in time, greatly facilitate our. May take one or two months for mortgages, loans and a series of affairs in the past, now a few minutes to complete." In this sense, must have a service platform, which makes the online payment, logistics management are possible to establish the foundation for the next step in developing electronic commerce. In order to summarize the successful experience of alliance cooperation, and let the nationwide SMEs can benefit from cross industry cooperation, China UnionPay and Intel company and Minsheng Bank decided to convene in Guangdong on the basis of the cooperation pattern of Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises financial information services conference. This has been a financial information service in August 7, 2012, the first annual conference of Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises, in this annual meeting, in Sichuan Province Chamber of Commerce for import and export of furniture and Intel company and China UnionPay announced the start of oriented small and medium enterprises to provide financial and information fusion solution platform service - "Sichuan furniture industry information cloud service platform".

For such a platform, Li Jianjiang, deputy director of Sichuan provincial economic and Information Technology Commission believes that to enhance the sustainable development of furniture industry informatization is very important and timely. "Information technology in the integrated application of the furniture enterprises in improving the information level of production equipment and management, speeding up the transformation of the propulsion mode and operation mode of manufacturing to digital, networked, intelligent, service is vital. To foster a batch of famous enterprises information technology with independent intellectual property rights also have a role in promoting." Li Jianjiang said. "The current informatization construction of Guangzhou tea restaurant furniture enterprises is relatively backward, the effective use of information tools within the enterprise fails, it hindered the electronic commerce field." Rong Yuwei said, "I hope to reverse this situation through the Guangzhou seat sofa home industry information cloud service platform, the integration of business processes and the resources, make the information high speed circulation and sharing, and ultimately the formation of the overall advantages of card of the sofa furniture industry." So far? Not technology but thoughts hinder the Boston Consulting Company (BCG) report that: around 2015, the United States is located in the China foundry is accelerated.

Combined with the third industrial revolution, China's manufacturing industry several inherent advantages not in, the manpower cost increases by 15% every year 20% speed, productivity growth sufficient to compensate for the wage growth, the key is the automation level is not enough to reflect the cost saving and efficiency improving for the last is other costs such as transportation, land costs Xu Baiming president of the Shenzhen Furniture Design Institute also once in some public occasions this year is very clear and anxiously mention it. These data indicate that the reason is that when the crisis in manufacturing heavy manufacturing industry of our country is still in a low level repetition labor time, foreign countries have begun to use new technology, new materials and other walking in the next stage. In this round of the information technology, the Internet as the representative of the energy competition, take what we get involved? "The fusion of two" the depth requirement is to enhance the application level of information technology integration, to integrate the main links of production management, management, help enterprises to improve efficiency, and truly become the core competitiveness of enterprises, the key point is precisely in this, the Chinese furniture industry in the end how much people aware of the importance of information technology? How many people are aware of the importance of information technology and at the same time with the modernization
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