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Integrity is the foundation of this enterprise, counterfeits behavior what Hill called a "shield" counter dealer let the furniture industry as a whole integrity again subjected to torture. Whether as a manufacturer or as dealer, importance should be aware of the good faith management. If the merchant once lost credibility, trust must be in the minds of consumers to for No. The direct result is that consumers will no longer come to the store shopping, leading to lower sales, at the same time in the speed of information dissemination of this so quickly, spread so widely in the 1960s, a mistake could be fatal blow. A negative impact on the entire industry is also a great. Therefore, to strengthen the furniture industry self-discipline, integrity management is not only beneficial to consumers, more conducive to the rapid development of an enterprise. The furniture industry are frequent "cheat" consumers should be how to do prevention. As for how to buy sofa, small make up with lots of data and summarizes the following:
One, to the store or large well-known furniture building materials stores to buy.
On the basis of goods than three, considering the price, quality and service selection more cost-effective brand. In the market a wide variety of sofa businesses, as consumers who should we believe? Who is worthy of our trust? Despite the "Da Vinci" event and the "Hill shield" fake events, many people have in mind some of the so-called furniture brand play a big question mark, but, we also not Overgeneralization, for all brands of furniture are to be negative attitude. The most famous brand in the quality has the guarantee, to know, to create a well-known brand is not a short duration of time things, smart companies are not easily defy the law. But, relatively speaking, store brand sofa large stores of consumers in the long-term use is generally recognized, the quality is stable, low repair rate, the warranty period long, after sale service is also guaranteed.
Two, the shop for material product environmental testing report
Harmful substances in Tea Restaurant seat sofa environmental indicators of wood furniture limit of harmful substances in the wood furniture Limited mainly for two: one is the formaldehyde emission from sheet and adhesive release; one is the heavy metal content of soluble lead, surface color furniture paint coatings of chromium, cadmium, mercury. Standard wood furniture, formaldehyde release of less than 1.5mg/L, the content of heavy metals in lacquer respectively: soluble lead is less than or equal to 90mg/kg, the soluble cadmium is less than or equal to 75mg/kg, the soluble chromium is less than or equal to 60mg/kg, the soluble mercury is less than or equal to 60mg/kg.
Three, look at the quality of the sofa frame
His hands around the whole thing card of the sofa heavily and repeatedly shake, shake, if feeling better, the firm that framework. Skeleton general closed on the outer packing, consumers do not see. However, there are a lot of famous brand sofa bottom curtain leave zipper, internal structure can easily see Guangzhou tea restaurant seat sofa. Can be more sales staff to discuss, unzip a angle view, see the restaurant card of the sofa materials whether through normal drying, whether there is mildew deformation phenomenon. If no decay, no insects, no scar, no bark or wood wool smooth hard winds produced materials and materials, and the cohesion is not a nail, but with a notch or export mutual occlusion, and then glue, no problem. If it is closed, you know the sofa frame is solid, a head can be raised three sofa, note that when the lifting part from 10cm, if another head legs are off the ground, that the skeleton fructify.
Four, the quality of internal defects
Nowadays high-grade sofa seat and back of the bottom surface of multi use nylon belt and snakes cross network series Huang structure above the high elastic foam, layered matting Penjiaomian and light body foam. This cushion rebound well, ride comfort. U sofa more pressure to plastic fiber board for the seat and the back bottom plate, layered matting above medium density foam and spray finished cotton. This cushion sit feeling is hard, recovery is a bit poor.
Five, fabric, sewing leather and cloth art sofa decorative mainly to buy leather sofa to choose leather.
Dermal sofa is divided into the leather sofa and half leather sofa, leather sofa value is very high, air permeability and good environmental protection performance, Europe and the United States and other developed countries the widespread use of all leather sofa. Half leather sofa in the sofa back, bottom and some other concealed positions to PU leather or leatherette PVC instead of leather, but direct contact with the human body parts are still valuable leather sofa, thereby reducing the cost, the more economic benefits. A leather sofa is divided into yellow cow and buffalo, in layer is divided into a head layer skin, two skin layer and the three layer of skin; according to origin into domestic and imported leather skin. Italy and Germany imported leather to import head layer cowhide quality best, to meet the stringent requirements of environmental protection, high color fastness, good elasticity and air permeability, high mechanical strength, particularly high tear strength and tensile strength. Must be quality leather sofa is the selection of head layer cowhide. Buy leather sofa, leather to burnish, no scar, texture, texture delicate, live a upwards tug pinch with the tips of your fingers, should handle flexible strong, after the nap can sit wrinkles disappear or not obvious, so that the skin fine leather. Many kinds of fabric sofa, the sofa block, back sets are advised to live sets structure, a high-grade cotton lining fabric sofa general, and other vulnerable parts can be obtained. Sofa fabric should be more robust, the G 300 g / m2 or more is more durable, and must ensure that the friction surface is not more than 12000 times the ball. Sofa fabric can be divided into domestic and imported, European and American students professional manufacturers
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