Design is the core of tea restaurant furniture products

Release Time:2014-12-19 09:08


Design is the core of tea restaurant furniture products, and foundry architect is the soul of the card of the sofa tea restaurant. How many designer furniture for their own dreams, passion into Guangzhou restaurant furniture industry, but found that the furniture design doesn't seem that oneself want. Basically only a few large enterprises, regularly updated products for furniture. Imitation, and mutual plagiarism, many furniture enterprises gradually become the modus operandi. Believe that the current furniture design industry is not the designers want to see, how is their true thoughts? Designers what untold difficulties?
But the 1
The design ideas and the company idea conflict
To participate in the investigation of the furniture designer, there are 36% designers said design and new furniture update to see the company needs; 36% of the said design update in about six months or so; 1 to 3 months is the new design accounted for 24%; only 4% of the designers say half a year longer than. From the data in can see, enterprises furniture designer is not free to their own inspiration or mood to design and create the new furniture, design and the effectiveness of the company is bound to become the largest furniture design features now. And on the design idea, 56% designers sometimes clash with the corporate philosophy, even 24% will often conflict with the company; almost no conflict accounted for only 20%. A well-known brand of furniture designer says that this industry can give them free rein, and offer them realize the value of the platform is not much, the designer heart have good design, good ideas but not all released, become numerous designers regret in the heart.
But the 2
The utility is greater than the creative product design
In the eyes of many domestic consumers, furniture practical value is ranked in the first place. The design concept of this theorem is also applicable to furniture designer. In the survey, up to 40% of the designers believe that the most important products of the utility value, that art innovation as the primary accounted for 24%, far lower than that of important practical value number; and 24% were of the view that all important two, some people think that the most important 12% company philosophy. In fact, Chinese consumers for furniture goods consumption habits, to a large extent affected the original enthusiasm of furniture enterprises. Most people don't take the furniture as works of art, to choose the furniture from the angle of art. Plus a lot of people are accustomed to a set of furniture for ten years twenty years or even a lifetime, leading to not dare to innovate in terms of furniture, so furniture styles will generally choose the more conservative. And from the design thought, 52% designers feel they have other similar products and other designers are less affected, 36% have said will be affected by other design, absolutely not, only accounted for 12% of the proportion of. Nowadays, the small business enterprise plagiarism plagiarism big enterprises and big foreign brand phenomenon in domestic furniture design industry has become inured to the unusual phenomenon. Facing the problem of plagiarism, furniture design industry in a few years ago began to self rescue operation. Highly original, encourage original, however, the slogan shouted a year after year, but always have little effect, facing a pile of the same style furniture, willing to devote themselves to study the original design of furniture designers increasingly less.
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