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Furniture ordering process and customer service service

The free consultation: needs and questions of office furniture, please feel free tocall 13714891277 consultation between China and the United States, Wen Yi furniture will provide you with professional advice and reasonable suggestions.

The measure: in order to design plan better, Sino US Wenyi furniture will send a senior clerk we provide you the free door measurement.

The chart: according to the survey results, professional design staff will provideeconomical, functional, personalized plane or three-dimensional design for you.

The design of pendulum field: know that as long as the quantity size and use andstaff room, Sino US Wenyi furniture can make price scheme and reasonable use a space plan for your professional, professional quality constantly now.

The accounting: Sino US Wenyi furniture will be based on your budget estimateof reasonable configuration system furniture, issued at the same time withreasonable quotation, you can adjust the replacement product branch list.

The assessment: if you need to study Meiwen Miriam furniture factory, we will be very pleased to serve you.

The confirmation: to design and the final products are identified, you can furtherand Meiwen Miriam furniture factory professional for more in-depth discussion,which signed a written contract, production schedule, delivery time, payment and other matters, installation.

After sale service:

The distribution: because of the particularity of furniture, Sino US Wenyi furniturefactory will arrange professional personnel directly delivery, and is responsible for installation, we will offer free installation services for customers. You need to offer our service personnel clear delivery address and installation requirements,at the same time in order to complete the installation of the goods, please make sure that you and we confirm in advance that the most appropriate time to help us serve you better.

The arrival time: after order confirmation, generally 7 working days delivery;Shenzhen City, outside the city after order confirmation, the general 10 working day delivery.

The goods component replacement: the warranty period, furniture for non-humanelements damaged, we will provide you a free replacement parts; damage tohuman factors, we offer you the goods component replacement services and charge a cost, the cost will be considered according to the specific situation ofthe standard charge. Service hotline: 13714891277

Baoxiu: if the product quality problems occur, the Sino US Wenyi furniture factorywill promptly contact you, home maintenance, Sino US Wenyi furniture factory pledged all factory sales of furniture has a 5 year warranty, so you really feel theone-stop service.

  • Tel:(+86)13714891277
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  • Address:No.10,yuepeng load,Baoan Foreign Trade Industrial Zone,The yingrenshi community,Shiyan town,Baoan District of Shenzhen City
Address:No.10,yuepeng load,Baoan Foreign Trade Industrial Zone,The yingrenshi community,Shiyan town,Baoan District of Shenzhen City
Order Hotline:(+86)13714891277